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    British Council Scholarship

    British Council Scholarship: International PG Scheme for Geoscience & Engineering

    International Postgraduate
    Scholarship Scheme for Geoscience
    and Engineering

    This scheme, launched in January 2014, offers 10 scholarships each year to Tanzanian
    graduates to study for Masters of Science degrees in UK universities.
    A range of 28 taught courses relevant to the oil and gas sector
    are available at three UK universities; Imperial College London,
    Aberdeen University and Robert Gordon University.
    The scholarships – funded by BG Tanzania and administered
    in partnership with the British Council – cover the cost of
    academic fees, travel, living expenses and pastoral support
    while the graduates are in the UK. Successful candidates will be
    provided support when applying for a visa.
    Who is eligible?
    Tanzanian nationals who are able to meet the relevant course
    entry requirements set by the participating universities.
    Applicants are advised to consult the respective university and
    course websites.
    Minimum requirements include a relevant graduate degree
    in geoscience, engineering or a related subject area and
    being able to demonstrate an adequate standard of English
    language comprehension.
    What does the Scheme cover?
    Scholarships are granted for a maximum period of 12 months,
    for courses starting in September 2014.
    Employment prospects
    The emerging natural gas sector is expected to offer attractive
    employment opportunities for Tanzanian citizens with the
    relevant technical skills.
    Upon successful completion of one of the courses included
    in the scheme, beneficiaries have the potential to qualify
    for participation in BG Group’s International Graduate
    How to apply?
    If you have already applied and received an offer for a place
    from one of the universities and for one of the courses offered,
    please request an application form from Malula Nkanyemka, or
    download the form from the British Council website. Conditional
    offers are acceptable if the outstanding condition is funding.
    If you are interested and eligible to apply to the Scheme
    but have not yet submitted an application to one of the
    universities and for one of the courses listed below, please
    contact the British Council. The British Council will provide
    reasonable support to eligible candidates to submit a university
    Which courses and universities does the scheme cover?
    application. Upon receipt of an offer for a place on a relevant
    course, you can then apply to the scheme. Again, conditional
    offers are acceptable if the outstanding condition is funding.

    Application deadline

    The deadline for applying for a scholarship award under this
    scheme is 30 April 2014. By this date, completed applications
    should have reached the British Council office in Dar es
    Salaam. The selection of successful candidates and notification
    of awards will be announced in early June 2014.
    MSc Petroleum Engineering
    MSc Petroleum Geophysics
    MSc Petroleum Geoscience
    MSc Concrete Structures
    MSc Structural Steel Design
    MSc Environmental Engineering
    MSc Engineering Geology
    MSc Systems Engineering &
    MSc Transport
    MSc Soil Mechanics
    MSc Analogue and Digital Integrated
    Circuit Design
    MSc Control Systems
    MSc Sustainable Energy Futures
    MSc Advanced Materials Science and
    MSc Advanced Chemical Engineering
    with Process System Engineering
    MSc Oil and Gas Engineering
    MSc Safety & Reliability Engineering
    for Oil and Gas
    MSc Subsea Engineering
    MSc Geographical Information
    MSc Oil and Gas Computing
    MSc Integrated Petroleum
    MSc Oil & Gas Chemistry
    MSc Oil & Gas Engineering
    MSc Drilling & Well Engineering
    MSc Petroleum Production
    MSc IT for the Oil & Gas Industry
    Contact details
    Malula Nkanyemka
    BG Tanzania Scholarship Scheme Application
    Programmes and projects
    British Council
    Samora Avenue/Ohio Street
    P.O.Box 9100
    Dar es Salaam – Tanzania
    Telephone: +255 22 2165 300
    BG Group’s International Graduate DevelopmentProgramme:
    Download application form:
    Siasa sio Ugomvi, Siasa ni hoja

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    Re: British Council Scholarship

    Shukrani mkuu ngoja nijaribu.
    At the End of your rope Tie a Knot and Hold On.

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    Re: British Council Scholarship

    Hiyo Msc in concrete structures nimeipenda sana.Na zile scholarships za Robert Gordon za Kikwete vipi?

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